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Meet Tom…

PureBody Health is pleased to welcome aboard the Sports Therapy Team

our newest member of the squad, Tom Austin!

About Tom….


Tom is equipped with a widespread knowledge of human anatomy and is highly proficient in the treatment
and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries throughout the body.

Tom joins PureBody Health Sports Injury Clinic from Bournemouth University where he gained a BSc degree
and Active-IQ qualifications in Sports Massage Therapy. Other attributes include Therapeutic Elastic Taping,
First-Aid and various Coaching skills.

Tom spent a year in Marbella, Spain at a Physiotherapy clinic, where he experienced extensive practice in Sports Massage Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation. Tom has a sporting background in rugby and enjoys maintaining his own physique and biomechanical function in the gym.

Tom says’ “My passion and goal in life is to aid and assist the prevention and recovery for any individual who may have experienced or is at risk of experiencing a dysfunction or injury. I wish to have a direct impact on the
physical and mental well-being of my clients. I am fully aware that everyone is different and I thrive
from meeting these personal needs. If you are ever in need of a massage for
relaxation, pain reduction, improved performance or recovery,
then I welcome you to book a session with me”



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So, would you like 50% off your next Sports Massage?


Mention ‘INTRODUCTION OFFER’ when making your next appointment and get 50% off your first
session with Tom. This offer stretches to your friends and family to so feel free to forward
this onto anyone you would like to treat this summer. Offer is valid during
August and September 2017 on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s only.

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