5 Steps To An Injury Free Year

Injury Prevention and Recovery Strategies for 2018


As the New Year rolls in and pre-planned New Year’s resolutions start to come into effect many of us will start exercising for the first time or committing to starting exercise again. Although some will slip seamlessly back into the routine of exercising, some will struggle to find their rhythm. Some simply lose motivation and drive.
There are some however that cannot get into a rhythm due to injuries and training related niggles.
Below are some simple training reminders to help you recover and may help you prevent injuries.


What are the most common ‘new-starter’ injuries and what can be done to minimise your chances of
suffering from them?

1.Going in at the ‘deep end’

This will have relevance depending on what type of training level you have. If you are a novice “New Year” runner or gym goer, common errors normally consist of trying to run as far as you can on your first day or trying to lift
as much as you can.

 2. Stretching & Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is also a good modality to help with the prevention of exercise related complaints. If stretching
is already a part of your pre-running/gym routine or if you feel that stretching gives you a better peace of
mind prior to undertaking exercise by all means continue as you normally would as stretching will
not negatively impact you.


3. If you develop a niggle, act fast!

If you develop a niggle or some acute tightness which is causing you concern, get it checked out as soon as possible. The sooner you get the appropriate treatment, the sooner any issues can be addressed and the
less damage you do by continuing to train on it.


4. Diet & Sleep

The dietary requirements that you will need for training will be very much dependent on the level of training you are doing, the type of training, the number and duration of your training sessions and the goal of your training.
The ability to recover and prevent Injury is highly dependent on your ability to get a good night sleep.
Sleep restriction is generally associated with poor cognitive
performance, alertness, memory, decision making, mood and reaction time (Hugh et al, 2015).


5. Use the right tools for the job!

This may feel slightly self-explanatory but is often overlooked. When beginning exercise have fit for purpose clothing and equipment. This is particularly pertinent with running shoes.

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