Foam Rolling Workshop

Foam Rolling, Mobility & Flexibility
‘The ultimate guide to Injury Prevention’


 Are you interested in reducing and preventing pain and injuries?

As well as diagnosing and treating injuries, at PureBody Health Sports Injury & Rehabilitation clinic we also know how to PREVENT them. We call this Pre-habilitation or ‘prehab’!

Have you ever been told by a therapist, Strength and Conditioning coach or Personal trainer to foam roll and not
been 100% sure how to effectively use the roller? Have you ever been told that your spine is locked or immobile?

Do you feel restriction around your joints on compound movements such as squats? Have you been told to
self-massage your current injury or maintain tissue length from a previous complaint?
Or are you just not as flexible as you would like to be?
If so, you need the new Mobility and Foam Rolling Workshop
by PureBody health Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic!

What is it?

A one-off professional workshop with an industry expert designed to educate and teach you how to effectively use
a Foam Roller, Massage Ball and Wooden Dowels as well as body weight to prevent and reduce pain and injuries.
This workshop will also cover aspects of FMS (Functional Movement Screening) to give the you a greater understanding if you are restricted and teach you the tools to alleviate these restrictions yourself. Ultimately
this workshop provides you the tools to enable you to decrease pain, decrease tension, reduce the risk of
injury, prevent injury and improve body function and performance whether a recreational runner who works
in an office or a professional athlete.

What do I learn?

How to use the Foam Roller in the upper and lower limbs
When to use it
How it works
Foam rolling vs stretching
Injury prevention
Tissue maintenance
Key therapist knowledge and when are the best times to use it
What is mobility and why it is important
Myth about stretching and mobility
Understanding where you need to gain mobility and different movement patterns – FMS
Understanding that there is not always the need to stretch but there is always a need to have mobility
Self-mobilisation techniques for the Spine, Hip, Shoulders and ankle
Warm-up techniques

Would I benefit from it?



ABSOLUTELY…Flexibility and mobility are a key aspects of human movement so whether you are training for an endurance event, partaking in regular team sports, coming back from an injury, suffering with constant aching and niggles or just like to keep fit and active this will be of benefit to you. The biggest take home from this workshop will be the knowledge you will have to effectively prevent and reduce injuries to your body!


When is it?


The workshop will take place in the Fitness Studio at PureBody Health every month starting October 2017.
Each workshop is 90 minutes in duration and the date for the first workshop is
Friday 6th October 6.30-8pm.


All workshops will cover the same content, meaning that one class should be sufficient to give you the knowledge to take what you have learnt and put it into practice. If you can’t make the first workshop you can visit any future workshop.


What does it cost and how do I book?


The cost of this fantastic workshop is £12.
However as in introductory offer and a loyal customer of PBH the first 6 to book will pay just £10!

To reserve your workshop place NOW

Please contact Danny at PureBody Health Sports Injury Clinic




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