Now Available!

We are very excited to announce the addition of our latest range of services at PBH Sports Injury Clinic…Pregnancy Therapies!

Superstar Sports Therapist Sadie Hoad (BSc Hons) is now available to cater for all your Pre & Post Natal needs. Having recently completed her Pre & Post Natal Exercise & Therapy course Sadie is now our ‘go-to’ girl for anything baby related!


Our wide range of specialist Pregnancy Therapies are available for any women who are
expecting, experiencing or have experienced child birth.

Pregnancy Therapy at PBH Sports Injury Clinic will provide you an in-depth understanding of the
physiological changes before, during and after child birth. It will guide you safely through the many
protocols and benefits to protecting yourself and the baby during the many varied phases.

Pregnancy Therapy services
are available to help reduce the risk of injury and pregnancy related pain such as
Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) lower back pain.


Our pregnancy exercise programmes help correct and prevent core strength imbalances and weaknesses
as well as reduce stress and combat muscles spasms and cramping!


It’s more important than ever to undergo a thorough consultation and examination to determine the
most appropriate and safe treatment or exercise plan for you.
Take advantage of our introductory month and book a Free Consultation now!


Sports Massage

Helps to relax the body and relieves from aching muscles

60 minutes £55

30 minutes £40

Manual Therapy

Ensures correct alignment and mobility through entire spine, pelvis and hips

60 minutes £55

30 minutes £40

Active Isolated Stretching

Lengthens tight, shortened and overworked muscles during pregnancy changes

60 minutes £55

30 minutes £40

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Strengthen abdominal, core, pelvic floor and hip muscles

60 minutes £55

30 minutes £40

Introductory Pre & Post Natal Exercise Programme

We will now be providing personalised Pre/Post Natal Exercise programme options.


This introductory programme is perfect for anybody experiencing exercise during their pregnancy for the first time. It will cover everything you need to know about a safe and progressive exercise programme through your pregnancy:


The Benefits & Risks of Exercise

Understanding the Anatomical and Physiological Changes & Managing Them

Best Exercise and Technique

Nutrition Support

Safe Return to Full Fitness/Activity

Personal Health Investment Packages

Now Available!

We can now provide you the ability to take advantage of our Pregnancy Therapy Investment Packages.
We are offering a range of packages which will enable you to purchase multiple sessions at a discount rate.
Your investment package can include any number of any of the exercise or therapy services available
to give you a multi-directional health and fitness approach during your pregnancy.

 If you are interested in any of the Pregnancy Therapy services now available, we are offering
FREE CONSULTATIONS throughout May 2018.
This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your pregnancy concerns, pains and expectations with
Sports Therapist Sadie. We will then determine the most appropriate therapies for you!


call 01371 859991



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